Picking Your Nemesis For Shadow of War Using Nemesis Forge

Published: July 7, 2017 10:56 AM /


Shadow of War Nemesis Forge

Mogg the Driver is an Uruk-hai that just wouldn't die. No matter how many times he was beheaded, burned, or otherwise maimed, Mogg pursued me throughout my playthrough of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and even survived my final battle. It seemed fitting at the time, as his tenacity had proven him to be a worthy adversary. I had hoped that I find a similar foe in Shadow of War, but the developers of the game have me covered with an even better option. Utilizing a newly added Nemesis Forge mode, players of Shadow of Mordor can ensure that their greatest foe and their most powerful ally will return in the sequel later this year.


So, how exactly can you ensure that your favorite Uruk punching bag transfers over? Load up Shadow of Mordor and a new "Nemesis Forge" option will be open in the Play menu. This mode will load you into a limited version of the first map of the game with a full Nemesis system comprised of the surviving Uruk-hai captains and warchiefs from your main save file. Your Nemesis and Follower will already be picked out, each with the highest power among his peers. If you see an Uruk that you'd rather have in the sequel, you can go across the overworld and assassinate your current picks. Afterward, the game will automatically cycle to the soldier with the next highest power.

If you've never played Shadow of Mordor before, or you played on the previous generation of consoles, you can still take advantage of this feature during the currently running free weekend on Xbox One and Steam. Just load into Nemesis Forge from the main menu and the game will generate new foes to conquer. Pick out the foes that look the most appealing and make sure they're the strongest before branding them and you'll have a strong follower ready to go for Shadow of War.  As for me, Mogg was already promoted to warchief and decked out in new armor, and I can't wait to kill him five more times.

Do you remember your Nemesis from Shadow of Mordor? Are you going to pick up Shadow of War this holiday? Let us know in the comments below!