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Physical Octopath Traveller Sells Out Once Again In Japan

July 24, 2018

By: Andrew Stretch


Octopath Traveller, the new Switch title from Square Enix and Acquire has managed to once again sell out of its stock in locations such as retailer Yodobashi Camera in Japan. Releasing on July 13th, the news of physical shortages was quickly spread as fans attempted to get their hands on Square Enix's new JRPG, with some retailers expecting anywhere up to 1-2 months before they'd be able to meet their demand.

At Yodobashi Camera after receiving a new shipment of physical versions of the game it took less than three hours for them to run out once more, causing many to miss out once again on starting their journey. While demand such as this is great to hear for what is shaping up to be a fan favorite, the game's Twitter account released a statement addressing the shortage of physical copies.…

Translated, this tweet explains to fans that they are working diligently to meet the demand for physical copies and that for those who are still patiently waiting, it is also available for purchase immediately via the Nintendo Switch eShop.


After hearing the initial news that in Japan the game sold more than 110,000, over 90% of its initial Japanese shipment, this continued demand for Octopath Traveller is extremely positive for this new IP but hopefully, this pattern of delayed physical versions doesn't continue.


Quick Take

Octopath Traveller has been a game that many have been looking forward to since its first release, boasting a large story and interesting graphics style. It's good that it's really earning those sales numbers, but it's also interesting to think that Nintendo may have thought this game would underperform. It's reassuring at least for those who don't care too much between physical and digital releases that it's still at least readily available.

What do you think so far of Octopath Traveller? Are you playing it physically or digitally, or are you waiting for another chance to get a physical version?

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