Pets Hotel Wants Players to Build a Place Where Pets Can Feel at Home

In Pets Hotel you'll be taking care of cats, dogs, turtles, and other animals as you try to build the ultimate pet resort

Published: August 23, 2021 11:13 AM /


Pets Hotel

Pets Hotel is a game where you can build, design, and run a hotel where you'll take care of cats, dogs, turtles, and lots of other animals. If you've ever wanted to be a vet or someone who takes care of animals (or if you just like cute pets), this could be something to keep an eye on.

Pet owners will drop off their animals at your hotel, where you'll have to feed them according to their instructions. These instructions for feeding include the food brand, the quantity (g/kg) frequency (like 2/day), and type of food (such as wet or dry). Basic stuff, but as you're running a hotel for pets this will be your bread and butter.

You'll also have to groom and maintain the animals while scheduling play-time with them as well. If you want repeat business or just business in general, you'll have to satisfy your customers by taking good care of their pets.

Dog Hair Dryer
You'll have to blow dry animals like this doggo.

As the game progresses you'll eventually expand your business to make it the best animal hotel out there. You won't be running some rinky dinky animal hotel, oh no--you'll be running a 5-star luxurious experience... or at least that's the goal anyway. You'll have multiple rooms decorated for a different type of animal with big playgrounds surrounding your hotel outside and inside. For instance, dogs will have tunnels to run through outside and cats will have towers to climb inside.

There's no release date for Pets Hotel yet, but if you are already planning your purrfect animal housing experience already, you should wishlist the game on Steam.

For more information on Pets Hotel, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor for all the horrible animal puns we can possibly think of. 

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