PES 2016 is getting a free-to-play edition

Published: November 28, 2015 2:00 PM /


PES 2016 Preview Image

PES 2016 is going to be getting an 'Entry Level' free-to-play edition on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on the 8th of December. When the game releases it will have with it an Exhibition Mode, Training mode and the myClub feature. This edition will also allow you to play online and offline so you don't need to be worried about your experience being cut too short.

In exhibition mode you will have access to seven different teams including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, and more. You will play a full season as your team and see whether you have what it takes to win it all in the end. Training mode is as you would expect giving you the opportunity to hone your skills on the pitch.

The big pull of PES 2016 is the myClub mode where players will be able to build up a team of world star players and manage their team. Using points that you get through game play or purchase with in-game transactions you can afford to purchase even stronger players. There are plenty of competitions, events, and campaigns that are being constantly added so that you are never at a loss of things to do. You get to pick a manager, recruit a coach and build a long term strategy that can boost your team to greatness.

PES 2016 is currently available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and will be free-to-play starting on December 8th. The free version will also be compatible with all future updates to PES 2016. This includes roster updates to make sure that all in game players align correctly with their real life counterpart.

Konami has also hinted that there will be another announcement made shortly. This will be in regards to players from the past making their way to PES 2016.

Quick Take

This is a interesting approach for PES to take. I'm not sure if this decision was spurred from the realization that having a free game with microtransactions is more profitable than a retail game or if other popular football franchises like FIFA are taking up too much of the player base. Either way it's an interesting new way to add life to a game, I've said it before though too that the over abundance of micro-transactions in games is getting quite serious.

Are you excited to try PES 2016 as a free-to-play title? Did you already purchase the game and feel a bit put off by this? Do you think a free game for micro-transactions is a good trade off?


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