Persona 5 Launches September 15th in Japan

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Persona 5 Launches September 15th in Japan

May 5, 2016

By: Robert Grosso

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Atlus' Persona 5 is finally getting a solid release date in Japan.

The company announced today that the upcoming RPG will be released this fall, on September 15th to the Japanese audience.  Atlus also released details on a special collector's edition of the game, dubbed the 20th Anniversary Edition. Priced at ¥13,800 ($128.54), the 20th Anniversary Edition is chock full of special goodies, including a Persona 5 art book, a Shigenori Soejima -illustrated Special Custom Theme, and the Persona 20th Anniversary All-Time Best Album, featuring music from all five Persona games, all collected in a nice treasure box. 

The 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition
The 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition

The 20th Anniversary edition will also contain three DLC packs, which give you two costume packs based on the school uniforms of Persona 3 and Persona 4, while the third DLC will contain two Personas, "Orpheus Picaro" and "Izanagi Picaro," that have special skill sets.


Atlus also had other tidbits to share, in particular a new Japanese trailer for Persona 5. The trailer showcases some of the famed animation seen in the Persona series, as well as some new gameplay. Specifically featured are some boss battles, new player characters and a lot of interesting gameplay elements; such as what seem to be stealth missions.

Atlus also confirms the game will be making an appearance at E3 this year, and will also be branching out Persona in other ventures. One familiar move is how Persona 5 will be getting a 30-minute anime in September, titled Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers. Atlus also stated that an orchestral concert for the Persona series will be played on August 13th, as well as a Persona 20th Anniversary Festival at the Arts Chiyoda in December.

Despite all of this news, there is still no word on when Persona 5 will be released in North America or Europe, although it is possible that E3 will tell us more.  

So what do you think of all of this? Do you think Persona 5 will hit North America in 2016? Leave your comments below

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