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06/13/2020 - 14:30 | By: Andrew Stretch
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While June for gaming is going to be very different from last year to this one there are still a number of staples coming through to give us that sense of normalcy that we are craving. Today at the PC Gaming Show it was announced that popular JRPG Persona 4 Golden would be getting a port for PC so that more players interested in the franchise can get involved in the harder to access parts of the series.

Persona 4 follows a young man newly arrived in the country town of Inaba. Shortly after his arrival a series of strange murders begin appearing in town. Discovering that he and his friends are able to step through their TVs into a strange world they find out that this world is linked to the murders. Knowing that the police wouldn't believe them the group plan to use their knowledge and awoken abilities called Persona to get to the bottom of this mystery. When not hunting down a serial killer you live your normal life taking classes, hanging out with your friends, and working an after-school job. While the original title was released on the PlayStation 2 the PC port is of the enhanced edition, Persona 4 Golden, that released in 2014 for the PlayStation Vita that had a number of additions including a new dungeon, new social links, and animated cutscenes from Persona 4 The Animation.

This PC port is something that fans of Persona have been looking forward to for a long time, especially with the popularity of Persona 5 and the recent enhanced port Persona 5 Royal. Atlus sent out an email survey to fans shortly after Persona 5's release that also asked fans if they'd be interested in seeing previous titles such as Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden appearing on other platforms. It looks like the fan's voices were heard.

The Steam port of Persona 4 Golden will be available to purchase and play today for $20. The PC port features support for both Keyboard and Mouse as well as Controllers and has an enhanced resolution now that it's no longer on a handheld. Graphical settings include Rendering Scale, Shadow Quality, Anisotropic Filtering and Anti Aliasing. This edition also gives players the ability to shift between English and Japanese audio.


If you want to throw down a little bit more you can purchase the Persona 4 Golden Digital Deluxe Edition for $24.99 and comes with the following:

  • Game - PC Download
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Soundtrack featuring 9 tracks

If you're interested in knowing more about Persona 4 Golden then you can check out our review of the PC port. If you want to know what's different about Persona 4 Golden vs the original then you can check out our guide of Persona 4 Golden changes.

What do you think of Persona 4 Golden coming to Steam? Is there any other Atlus title you'd be interested in seeing come to Steam? Which Persona title would you like to see next?

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