The People's President Aims to Fix Political Process

Published: June 2, 2015 5:58 PM /


The Peoples President

Blind Ballot Ventures, Inc has launched a Kickstarter for their mobile game The People's President.  The game is a social experiment of sorts allowing players to participate in the, "world's biggest competition, the Presidential election", according to The People's President Kickstarter game pitch.  The Orlando based, two-man team that makes up Blind Ballot Ventures see some major problems with the American political process and are hoping to enact some change through their game.


Players can register either as voters or as candidates to participate in The People's President. In the vein of "America Votes" style reality shows such as American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance candidates will present their platforms for the fantasy election campaign and voters will eliminate the least popular week after week until a winner is chosen. The campaigns will last 15 weeks and each week candidates will be tasked with presenting their platform to voters in various ways.

Each week will be treated as a "round" in which candidates will complete the tasks for the week and votes will be cast to determine who gets eliminated. While The People's President aims to shed light on what's wrong with the political process it also endeavors to be an entertaining experiencing. The experiment is  fashioned as a game you can play on a tablet or smartphone.

The rules cut out a lot of the red tape involved in running for political office.  The only requirements for candidates is that they are an American citizen of 18 years of age or older. There are also prizes that will be awarded to voters and candidates alike.

The People's President will be free to play with an advanced analytic package available for a small fee. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top four candidates. Weekly prizes totaling $10,000 will be awarded to participating voters.

With a successful campaign The People's President  will launch in July of 2016 to coincide with the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States. Players would be able to campaign right alongside the candidates of the real elections taking place. Blind Ballot Ventures are already thinking ahead about their game's potential. If The People's President goes over well there's the possibility of creating an international version of the game as well as educational software about the election process.

Blind Ballot Ventures plan on making The People's President available for iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices and even desktop friendly. The results of the game will surely be interesting to see and may even shed light on ways to improve America's current political process. This will only be possible however, if the game gets funded.

The People's President needs $494,305 to reach it's funding goal. The company's founders are chipping in to fund their project as well and a budget detailing how Kickstarter funds will be allocated can be found on the game's Kickstarter page. The vast majority of funds will be going to getting the App functioning with costs like UI design and hosting fees. Blind Ballot Ventures. Inc.


Check out the Blind Ballot website here to learn more or visit The People's President Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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