Pentiment Update Adds New Minigame And More

Published: December 13, 2022 11:58 AM /


A group of characters gathered around a body and lamenting in Pentiment

A new Pentiment update is live, bringing some fun new features to Obsidian's artistic RPG adventure. These include a new minigame at the start of Act 1, as well as some quality-of-life improvements and some bug fixes that should make your investigation a little smoother.

Over on the official Pentiment forum, developer Shyla reveals everything that's new in the 1.1 update for the game. First, there's a new minigame you can experience by chatting with Endris at the beginning of Act 1, so if you're still early on in your adventure, make sure to check that out. It's a smithing minigame that, according to director Josh Sawyer, was originally intended for launch but couldn't be finished in time. It'll let you hammer some horseshoes into place, which will be a nice, therapeutic break from your sleuthing activities.

A logic problem with the Final Day of Law and Judgement has been addressed, so people shouldn't be condemned if they weren't accused, which will certainly come as a relief to them. As well as this, a problem wherein showing Father Gernot evidence against a character in Pentiment's second act would stop you speaking to them has been fixed. There's now a Persuade check that will let you continue conversing with the character.

A screen showing Andreas' ability to reference "Low Countries" cultural touchstones in the new Pentiment update
The new Pentiment update also changes the Flanders background to "Low Countries", among other things.

More fixes include the ability to adjust the game's credits speed, as well as the chance to skip the intro and get right into the action. You can now also make dialogue display instantly, so you won't be waiting around for characters to finish a point you've already seen coming anymore. This Pentiment update may not be earth-shattering, but it'll be welcome if you've experienced any of the annoying issues it's addressed.

Pentiment is available right now for PC and Xbox consoles, and the game is also included as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Originally announced way back in June during the Xbox Game Showcase, it's a rather quirky narrative adventure with an aesthetic based on medieval books. You are master artist Andreas Maler, and over the course of two and a half decades, you must navigate a world of murder, intrigue, and scandal. It's well worth a look if you're into slower-paced investigative RPGs with beautiful art.

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