PC Gaming Show E3 2019 - Valfaris Brings the Metal

Published: June 10, 2019 3:30 PM /


Valfaris Lead Image

At the 2019 PC Gaming Show, Steel Mantis and Big Sugar Games showed off a new trailer for Valfaris, a brutal 2D action-platformer in the vein of Contra.

Originally announced back in 2017, the game looks a lot like if you inject steroids into Contra and send it off to a heavy metal concert for like a year. The trailer shows off a lot of shooting and A LOT of heavy metal music. The game promises to feature an abundance of brutal action, gore, and guitar riffs.

The game takes place in far off space, where the fortress of Valfaris has suddenly reappeared after mysteriously vanishing. You play as Therion, a son of Valfaris who returns to the fortress to uncover the truth of its disappearance and fight the evil within. To do so, he'll need to explore the deep, dark, and tainted chambers of the fortress and shoot the crap out of everything in there.

Andrew Gilmour, part of the two-man team at Steel Mantis, said

Valfaris is my take on some of the games I loved playing when growing up, such as Gryzor/Contra and Turrican. Relentless action, cool environments, insane bosses, crazy weapons... those aspects have a timeless quality – they kept me hooked then and are still every bit as appealing to me today. I want to capture that special formula of classic old-school fun with Valfaris.

This will be Steel Mantis' second game. Their previous title, Slain: Back from Hell, featured a similar aesthetic and metalhead soundtrack and received generally positive reception upon its release back in 2016, after the shaky original launch version of Slain. Valfaris will be releasing on Steam sometime in 2019. For now, players can sign up for the closed beta via the Valfaris website or download the demo on the game's Steam page.

What do you think of the Valfaris trailer? Sounds like your jam? Let us know down below. 

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