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Bill Geise, the creative director of Turn 10 studios, re-introduces Forza Motorsport 7, takes the stage and talks about how the game was built from the ground up to re-create the feeling of driving a real car on a real track.

For the PC specifically, Geise talks about having mouse and keyboard support for the title, and usb support for pretty much every peripheral possible that can be plugged in and played.

"It's been exciting for the team. Last week we brought in every USB device we had—we played on a Guitar Hero guitar and a DDR pad." stated Geise.

Forza will have a lower min spec for low-end PC users to enjoy the title, while the high end systems will have, of course, be playable at 60fps ultra 4K HDR.

Sea of Thieves takes the stage next, with developer  Ted Timmons coming onto the stage.

PC features include everything expect, including 21:9 widescreen resolution and unlocked framerates, and other standard features PC gamers will expect. The PC version was also built in parallel, according to Timmons, meaning the game is not a port of the console version of the game.

The Last Night's Tim Soret takes the stage next, and talks about how the game is influenced by cinematic platformers such as Oddworld.


He describes The Last Night as a game about "how do you define yourself when you don't have anything to create or do." In the Last Night you play a "young idealist" who wants to change the world, but will constantly run into questionable characters throughout his journey.

The game is structured around several nights, meaning characters will remember actions that occur from previous nights. So if a player leaves a conversation with an NPC, the NPC will remember that conversation and possibly be angry or with them for leaving abruptly.

Soret also addresses a growing concern over controversial tweets he made back in 2014, stating that "does not represent who I am today."

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