PC Gaming Show E3 2016 - Ark: Survival Evolved

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PC Gaming Show E3 2016 - Ark: Survival Evolved

June 13, 2016

By: Kyle Downey

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Studio Wildcard
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Ark: Survival Evolved has revealed the addition of a new dinosaur to the game that adds new features as well. The Titanosaurus is a giant Brontosaurus like dinosaur that you will have to use a new taming method that will allow you to build a fortress on top of the Titanosaurus' back.

Ark: Survival Evolved
Flying around the world as a Ptreranodon or other flying animal.

They also revealed a new official mod coming to Ark. The mod will allow you to play as any animal in the game. You'll form your own pack with other animals, hunt, survive, and reproduce. You'll be able to increase and power up your pack, as well as level up your offspring as they grow.

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