PC Gaming Show 2016 - Lawbreakers Shown, Alpha Announced

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PC Gaming Show 2016 - Lawbreakers Shown, Alpha Announced

June 13, 2016


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Lawbreakers, the new arena shooter from Boss Key Studios was shown off today at the PC Gaming Show. Boss Key Studios' Cliff Bleszinski took to the stage wearing some fresh kicks to show off the game as we as debut a new trailer.

Lawbreakers looks to be heavily based on momentum, combining the fast paced mayhem of a twitch arena shooter with modern precision shooters. You can check out the trailer below.


When question about how the game played, Bleszinski made the following statement.


"Oh, the game's completely unbalanced right now."

After a laugh from the crowd, he then revealed that the alpha would be coming next week with invitations going out this week.

Lawbreakers Alpha Plan

"That's why were having this alpha, we're saying, please come and break the game with us... we and your feedback, call us a**holes we don't care."

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