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Gaming article by Robert Grosso on Monday, June 12, 2017 - 14:18
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Sonya Reed, an online Youtuber, introduces Ooblets, developed by a 2 person team called Gumberlands, and produced by Double Fine.

Ooblets is a cross between Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, with very minimalistic, cutesy cel-shaded graphics. Players literally grow their Ooblets by farming themwho will level up and grow in experience through battles and gain more experience.

According to the official website, the world of Ooblets is called Oob, complete with it's own binomes, characters and creatures. You can cultivate your own Ooblets to follow you around and use them to explore the world of Oob. Other activities include running your own shop in town, battling other Ooblet trainers, and of course, customizing everything in the game, from your physical appearance to your own house. In total, at least 17 different types of Ooblets can be raised and trained, with the possibility for more as the game finishes development.

Ooblets also sports a ton of customization options for the player, including hair and clothing options, house decorating and color coordinating, and a lot of dancing in the short, one minute trailer.


The Game was actually first shown during the Xbox Presentation yesterday, as one of the games during their [email protected] games montage. It is also one of the few titles to only be available on Microsoft consoles, although a Steam page for Ooblets has already been created for wishlisting.

Ooblets will be released on the PC and the Xbox next year, in 2018.

Quick Take

Ooblets looks cute and silly to me. I am a sucker for games like Harvest Moon and Pokemon, and for an indie title, it seems to be far along and readily playable at this point. At the very least, i'm hoping it is also entertaining, but it looks like that might depend on the community that builds itself around Ooblets.

What are your thoughts on Ooblets? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out more of our E3 coverage over at our E3 coverage hub.

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