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Published: June 13, 2020 4:10 PM /


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There were plenty of games shown off during the PC Gaming Show today, and among them were eight games thrown at the audience in quick succession. If you missed them, look below for more information on the following titles and when they will release.

The first game shown was Shadows of Doubt, a voxel detective title that takes place within a very unique city. Described as "fully simulated," this means that Shadows of Doubt's city is able to be explored completely. You can go inside each and every building, and citizens all have their own lives to live out. Of course, as a detective, your task is to catch a serial killer within this city, so your work is cut out for you. Shadows of Doubt has no launch date yet.

The Forgotten City is the next title we looked at, which comes out later this year. It takes place within a spooky Roman city. Interestingly, this is a standalone version of a very popular mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, hence a similar visual style. Sharing some similarities to Shadows of Doubt, the setting in The Forgotten City is a vast area with many different characters; likewise, there is a mystery for you to solve, so fans of such a genre are going to have a field day.

Coming out in Summer 2020, Paradise Killer is yet another murder mystery title, this time set within a more modern looking setting. Players have to determine who the murderer is within a strange 3D city, and can navigate it in first person while interacting with a 2D cast of characters.

Haven, coming later this year, is a story about two lovers named Yu and Kay. It takes place on a strange alien planet filled with monsters large and small. The good news is, it supports both singleplayer and cooperative play, allowing you to tackle this story together with its JRPG-like combat.

Cartel Tycoon, launching in Q4 2020, is a cartel simulator game. You'll be able to run your own cartel empire, with all of its benefits and danger. It is a strategy title that allows you to handle all the intricacies of running cartels whilst expanding your influence in a Latin American setting. A demo is also available now on Steam.

Trash Sailors, coming later this year, is  a visually unique title which appears as if the world is made of paper. Like Haven, this is a cooperative title, but it can support up to four different players as you struggle to stay afloat on a ramshackle raft on a body of water filled with nothing but peril.

Cris Tales, with a definitive release date of November 17, 2020, is an RPG adventure title with a painted glass aesthetic. It is described as a "love letter" to JRPGs, so fans of the genre are bound to find this an enjoyable title.

The last title was Alaloth - Champions of the Four Kingdoms, which is going to launch in 2020. This is an isometric CRPG with Chris Avellone as a collaborator.

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