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PC E3 2015 - Deux Ex: Mankind Divided

June 16, 2015 10:43 PM

By: Francis Kelly


Two developers of Deux Ex: Mankind Divided took to the E3 stage to summarize their progress and improvements over the last generation of PC technology.  Emphasizing that Mankind Divided is very different from Human Revolution in terms of graphics, the developers noted that the new game world, realized by the proprietary Dawn Engine, will have many more small objects in the frame to achieve verisimilitude - "that's exactly what [Mankind Divided ] is about, clutter" - and that milestone technologies like TressFX will be incorporated as well.


On the story front, the developers recapped that returning protagonist Adam Jensen will be working for an international counterterrorist organization with his own agenda, which involves the ghettos of augmented people that have been discriminated against since the events of the last title.



Look for Deux Ex: Mankind Divided to feature more of the multi-approach gameplay that the series is known for.


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