PC Building Simulator 2 Update 1.3 Lets You Build Post-Apocalyptic PCs

Published: May 2, 2023 9:18 AM /


A post-apocalyptic (but somehow cozy) environment in PC Building Simulator 2 Update 1.3

Have you ever dreamed of building PCs from your bunker after some kind of apocalyptic event has rendered the need for souped-up gaming machines completely unnecessary? If so, then the new PC Building Simulator 2 update is very much for you, as it adds a new post-apocalyptic decorator theme, as well as new components and more.

Each new PC Building Simulator 2 update brings new components, tweaks for existing components, and more, and this one is no different. The new post-apocalyptic decorator theme adds a touch of the surreal to PC Building Simulator 2's gameplay, though, setting the action in a "dubious cataclysm shelter", as described by the devs. The theme looks just as run-down and overgrown by plant life as you'd expect.


As well as the new decorator theme (which somehow manages to be both unsettling and cozy), the new update is also bringing a long-awaited component team-up in the form of a Phanteks partnership. The Enthoo and Eclipse case series are making their debut with this PC Building Simulator 2 update, so if you've been waiting to add the Phanteks finishing touches to your machine, now's your chance.

This new update also adds customizable radiator fans. Using the custom water-cooling bench, you can now swap out radiator fans to your heart's content. You'll also find a host of quality-of-life improvements and tweaks made in this PC Building Simulator 2 update, including a new drop-down menu for poster themes, a scroll bar for navigation, and lots more.

Of course, it wouldn't be a PC Building Simulator 2 update without a whole lot of new parts, and those are here in abundance. They include new AM5 motherboards, new HYTE and Lian Li cases, and new Corsair PSUs, as well as more cooling options. You can see a full list of all the new parts in the update right here, and you can grab PC Building Simulator 2 on PC via the Epic Games Store.



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