PAYDAY 2 Road To Crimefest + Xbox One Matchmaking Update.

Published: October 10, 2015 3:48 PM /


Payday 2

With the original PAYDAY's fourth birthday on the horizon, Overkill Software has announced a special event to commemorate the milestone. The Road To Crimefest will see players team up to complete special objectives that will help to complete targets that will net the entire community rewards. Every goal reached means that the entire community will get a new piece of mystery content. The Road To Crimefest event started on the 28th of September and will last through the 14th of October, after which the proper Crimefest event will be available for all players from the 15th through the 24th of October. If you want to see the content that has already been unlocked or if you want to see how close the community is to the goal, you can check this webpage for more information. Progress is tracked on both the website and on Steam.

Two weeks after they posted a video update on the upcoming changes to PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition for the Xbox One version of the game, stating that they plan on rebuilding the matchmaking system from the ground up. Today the developer has posted another update informing their players of the progress.


The PAYDAY 2 community on Xbox One has been having problems with the game's matchmaking system. Players have been experiencing problems with not being able to connect to CrimeNet (the front-end that handles parties and matchmaking). In the video, game producer Almir Listo shares that the team is currently testing a new build internally, and hopes that this build will bring them one step closer to implementing a fix to the live servers.

As a way of apology, Overkill Software is going to give every player 10 million dollars of in-game money in a future update that will most likely coincide with the release of the updated CrimeNet. 



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