Payday 2 Goes Back to its Roots With Point Break DLC

Published: December 2, 2015 4:25 PM /


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Overkill completes the circle by introducing a new Payday 2 DLC titled after the very inspiration of the first Payday game, Point Break.

December 3rd will bring the release of this new DLC, for which the price point will be $6.99. It will feature two new heists and will bring along a new free playable character called - you guessed it - the legendary heister known as Bodhi.

The new DLC is, per Payday 2 tradition, being revealed in 'days' on it's own page. Day 1 has so far revealed the Heists, and Day 2 about Bodhi, with a Day 3 listing as Movie/Achievements/Weapons.

A subtle build-up had indeed been happening in the game before this announcement. Frequent players of Payday 2 may have noticed that, upon accessing, a short sequence would play where a character named "Locke" introduces himself. A rival hacker working for Murkywater (A mercenary company and a very resilient enemy of the Payday gang) announces that he has successfully infiltrated (your platform on which you start missions) with the instruction to destroy it. But, instead of doing so, his mercenary-like greed kicks in and he has decided to offer Bain (your supposedly-powerful 'middleman' who funnels you your contracts) and the Payday gang (you) a deal to work with him and maybe make a profit, lest is completely brought down at his whim. Of course this has now been shown to have been a build-up for the Point Break Heists.

What may stand apart the most from this all is the level of collaboration that is happening here. As noted in a press release, Starbreeze (of which Overkill is a subsidiary of) and 505 Games collaborate with Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures and Lionsgate to bring you this new DLC. In the release they state '[Starbreeze and 505] will integrate characters and storylines from the upcoming action thriller Point Break into Payday 2...' which also announces that Point Break is being remade into a new movie, This 'unprecedented' partnership builds upon a previous collaboration between Starbreeze and Lionsgate. That collaboration integrated the 2014 film John Wick into Payday 2 while also developing the John Wick VR game, which is planned for release in Spring 2016. Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson-Klint commented on the partnership some, citing that past experience:

"Point Break has always been a huge inspiration for the PAYDAY games, so to be able to integrate the film's characters and storylines into PAYDAY 2 is a dream come true. We previously worked closely with Lionsgate on the successful addition of their character John Wick as a member of the PAYDAY gang, so using that same business model, Lionsgate introduced us to Alcon and Warner Bros. to create two Point Break heists that we believe are some of the best to date."

The press release further detailed what will come with the DLC and what will come for free with the update.

The Paid DLC will come with the 2 new Point Break heists (Break Into the Mountain which features going into Black Ridge, a military base built during the cold war before a mercenary army took it over when Murkywater purchased it, and Birth of Sky which features robbing a military cargo plain 20k feet above ground that Murkywater again owns and focuses on getting away as well through a military speedboat), 10 new achievements (5 per heist), 5 weapons (one pistol, and four melee weapons), 4 masks, expanding the soundtrack with 6 more tunes (2 new heist themes, and 4 menu themes from Point Break's sound track with Still Breathing being confirmed) , and adding a new contact called Locke, who you may recall was used as the teaser by Overkill.

The Bodhi Character Pack DLC, which will be free, will have Bodhi as a new playable character, a new sniper rifle (the Platypus sniper rifle), a new melee weapon (a utility knife), 2 new masks and a new perk deck with 9 new perks. The Perk Deck is called the Ex-President and is more about team work, and is built to work with dodge and armor builds 

What do you think of Overkill launching paid DLC so soon after introducing Microtransactions? Do you think 2 Heists and weapons are worth the asking price? Do you still play PayDay 2?

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