Payday 2 celebrates Update 100 with change to Black Market

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Payday 2 celebrates its upcoming 100th update with some very significant changes and events. The update is planned to be released this Thursday, and will include a myriad of changes. The steam announcement of the update is accompanied with a Youtube video, where Almir Listo details the expected changes.

Almir begins with announcing that they will continue to develop content for Payday 2 for another 18 months at least, after which the decision will be based on "what happens then".

Continuing with big announcements, he further reveals that Starbreeze has signed a "historic agreement" where they have acquired all of the rights to the Payday franchise. In Almir's words "...what this means going forward, it's only us and you guys, who decide what's going into Payday".

Next, he announces the availability of community grenades to all the Payday 2 players who are in the steam group. This is significant, as explosive throwables were previously exclusive to owners of specific DLC.

The new skills system that has been available as an opt-in Beta is expected to go live with update 100 as well, bringing along whole new skilltrees that replace the old.

What may be the most eye catching announcement of them all, is that Almir then speaks of "freeing up the black market", an impressive change considering past events. In other words all current safes, to be called 'old generation safes', will stop to drop once the new update hits (but will not disappear from your inventory). From there on out, any new safe will not only drop completely for free, but will also be able to be opened without having to buy a drill (Overkill's take on a crate key in CS:GO). Almir also reassures that the trading of these items on the steam marketplace will also remain.

And finally, Almir says his thanks and goodbyes before he leads us into a teaser for a new heister. The teaser shows a conversation taking place between Chains, Dallas and Dragan as they wait for and talk about the so far unnamed character. After a bit of bickering, they reveal that this character will apparently be a Biker, and a loud iconic humming of a motorcycle engine only confirms this as the trailer cuts off before we see or hear anything else.

What do you think? Is Overkill finally backpedaling after such a long time profiting from microtransactions, or is something else at play? Is there anything else about this announcement that you liked? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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