Path of Exile Patch 2.1.0 is Coming December 11th

Published: November 16, 2015 4:45 PM /


Path of Exile Awakening

Path of Exile, the free to play action-rpg from Grinding Gear Games, will be receiving another major content patch next month. This patch will introduce the Talisman Challenge League, which will apply to both standard and hardcore modes, albeit each will have different talismans to discover.

As the name implies, talismans are the new mechanic that the league will introduce to Path of Exile. These talismans will only be found on powerful monsters that are clearly marked, giving players indication of fights that may be potentially dangerous, but also rewarding. The reward comes from talismans being a new type of amulet that cannot be crafted, meaning random drops are the only means of acquiring them; this is balanced by them being innately more powerful than the typical amulet.

Talismans will be for more than just stats, however. Circles of floating stones are another mechanic added in the Talisman Challenge League, enabling players to discard five talismans to summon a monster who is guaranteed to drop a higher-tier of talisman. Should you manage to acquire 5 third tier talismans, you will be able to use these stone circles to summon a new boss introduced in the update: Thane Rigwald, The Wolven King.

Patch 2.1.0 will also have more in store for Path of Exile players, including brand new bow, physical damage, and chaos damage skills to use, rebalancing of many existing skills, and new support gems to apply to new and existing skills.

“We're also improving several game systems including: monster damage, leech, the passive skill tree, mana costs for melee skills, spell progression for high level casters, the power of low-level bows and the power of early minion skills.”

New unique items are also to be added, including threshold jewels, which will only work if your passive skill tree surrounding them meets certain requirements.

Path of Exile patch 2.1.0 is set for release on December 11th. Path of Exile is free to play available from the game's home page, and also on Steam.

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