Patapon 2 Remastered Dances To PS4 January 30th

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Patapon 2 Remastered Dances To PS4 January 30th

January 28, 2020

By: Joseph Allen

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SIE Japan Studio
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May 5, 2009 (Calendar)

Rejoice, fans of the classic rhythm-action Patapon franchise, for your prayers have been answered. Patapon 2 Remastered hits the PlayStation Store on January 30th. It follows on from the original Patapon Remastered, which was released on the Store back in 2018.

As you might expect, Patapon 2 Remastered follows on from the story of the original. The Patapon tribe finds itself shipwrecked after a Kraken attacks its vessel. As the Patapons' god, it's your job to lead them through a strange new land as they search for their promised land of Earthend. Patapon 2 Remastered will continue the first game's mixture of quirky drum-based gameplay and adorable visuals. You can check out the trailer for Patapon 2 Remastered below:

In an official blog post, Sony Interactive Entertainment producer Nick Accordino says this is a "full 4K remaster" of the original 2008 PSP title. It'll offer over 30 missions, each of which has a different objective to fulfill. The Patapon series' signature mixture of real-time strategy, forward planning, and rhythm-based combat will be fully present and correct. You'll need to arm and position your Patapons correctly to get the maximum effect from each battle. New features exclusive to Patapon 2 include new Patapon evolutions, extra minigames, and "many more surprises", according to Accordino.

You'll be able to grab Patapon 2 Remastered from the PlayStation Store starting from January 30th. It'll set you back a mere $14.99, so it's well worth checking out. If you're yet to give Patapon Remastered a try, it's available on the Store and will cost you just $11.99. There's never been a better time to get into this unique, adorable take on rhythm-action strategy gameplay, so roll on January 30th. Pon-pon-pata-pon!


Will you be checking out Patapon 2 Remastered when it lands on the PlayStation Store? Let us know in the comments below!

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