Party Hard Tycoon and Party Hard Go Announced

Published: August 20, 2016 4:18 PM /


Party Hard Tycoon Header

tinyBuild has announced that they are doing some expansion with the Party Hard franchise that debuted last year. Party Hard is a stealthy slasher murder game where you go around killing people for making too much noise at their parties. It released back in 2015 and was positively reviewed. Since then the game has added stuff to make it an even better game with the Afterparty Expansion for free, Steam Workshop integration, and taking it to consoles.

Party Hard Tycoon

tinyBuild continues to look at expanding it as one of its more successful properties with two new announcements. The biggest announcement is a tycoon game taking inspiration from the most fun people had with the level editor for Party Hard and building it out to its own game. Party Hard Tycoon has you building and managing your own night club with lots of customization and enhanced AI over what Party Hard had. You set up your layout with speaker simulation, pick a theme, marketing, and all the things like security, entertainment, and more to toss the perfect party.

Party Hard Tycoon Theme

Party Hard Tycoon will also bring over the craziness that helped define the first game wherein it was possible to be struck by a Sharknado, Killer Bears, Aliens, and more. It was also the first of tinyBuild's games to feature Twitch integration where viewers could impact the result of the game, something that has now become a defining focus for the publisher. It's set to release soon according to tinyBuild, and will be at Pax West in a few weeks. If you're interested in it, it has a Steam page and you can sign up for the alpha test.

The other announcement that tinyBuild made this past week around Party Hard is that it will be coming to iOS and Android later this year as Party Hard Go (all mobile games are required to have Go nowadays it appears). Party Hard Go uses both touch controls and virtual buttons in play, and featured further optimizations to the game's code base. Originally, their goal was to design the game around gestures and tap controls on mobile, but they found that on bigger phones and tablets it felt too imprecise and lacking in control, which is why they implemented the virtual buttons as well. They are built for working with phones like iPhone 6, or iPhone 6+ or tablets, while smaller phones are better suited to the touch controls with context sensitive actions.

Alex Nichiporchik of tinyBuild wrote a post explaining it further, which is also an interesting look into how controls influence game design, as you see the choices they made.

Did you play Party Hard? Does Party Hard Tycoon interest you? What features do you think it needs to work well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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