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Paris Games Week Sony

After a no show from Sony at Gamescom in Germany we're now in Paris to see all that PlayStation has to offer us in the future. Jim Ryan, CEO of Playstation takes to the stage first to talk. He discusses how the PlayStation is going including their celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation. He talked about recent titles for the PlayStation such as The Order 1886, Tearaway Unfolded, Destiny and Until Dawn to name a few. He then runs through things such as price drops and bundle deals for PlayStation 4.

A new trailer is shown for the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops III which is being released next week. This trailer not only shows the map in great detail but also some of the story that will be a part of this zombie mode. This map "The Giant" will be available with day-1 purchases of Black Ops III.

After Black Ops III a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront is shown. We get to see a bit more game play as well as the new heroes and villain characters; Jango Fett, Leia, Han and Darth Sidious. Some game play of speeders through the forest and X-Wings was also seen.

Street Fighter 5 Ryu

In 2016 Street Fighter V will be coming to the PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. Gameplay for returning character Dhalsim is shown off, and he is as flexible as ever. With signature Yoga Fire and teleporting antics he makes short work of Balrog. After the trailer Yoshinori Ono the executive producer of Street Fighter V takes to the stage. After the leak of Dhalsim earlier he asks that even though a lot of the news has leaked to act surprised at all that they are going to talk about.  There will be six characters added in the first year for Street Fighter V's release. They will be purchasable with fight coins the in game currency. A final announcement is that 16th February will be the release date for Street Fighter V.

Harada, a producer from Bandai Namco, then steals the stage to lead into a discussion about Tekken 7. Tekken is also having their 20th anniversary this year and Tekken 7 will feature a continuation of the main story line and special content for PlayStation fans. The trailer details the history of the main line Tekken games. The trailer also shows events before Tekken 1 between Heihachi and Kazama, and well as Jun and Kazama. It ends with a female voice saying that she loves Heihachi and that he loves her.

Moving on an Battleborn trailer is shown. This trailer shows gameplay and some of the different abilities of the different characters. There is an Incursion mode where you need to invade your team and a capture mode where you need to hold points. PlayStation 4 players will be the first to experience the beta for Battleborn when it comes out next year.

Paris Game Week Sony Conference (17)

From here the next three games will be console exclusives, the first of which shown is Boundless. In the trailer we see our character travel through the various portals to a variety of different locations. These locations including caves, grassy plains, a city setting and to a mountain. This last location has a large structure floating in the sky that the characters grapple to.

Paris Game Week Sony Conference (18)

A new music based game is unveiled where it seems that you are a ship having to fly on a set path to music. Along your way there are jumps, boosts and what looks to be items to collect. The game is called Vector and has been created in collaboration with AVICII.

The last exclusive trailer is for the much anticipated No Man's Sky. The trailer details all that you'll be able to do in the game such as searching for treasures and exploring vast worlds. Combat is shown as the player strafes some enemies. No Man's Sky will be coming in June 2016.

Paris Game Week Sony Conference (25)

Michael Denny the Senior VP for WWS Europe is up next to talk about HouseMarque, creators of Alien Nation and Resogun, and their upcoming game. In this trailer we see a soldier in futuristic armor form a gun around his arm and then take on various foe that appear around him. The game will be called Matterfall. Apart from the cinematic trailer no further information is shown.

Ratchet and Clank is up next with a new trailer for the upcoming game, based on the movie, based on the first game. In the trailer there is a couple of different planets and sequences shown off, some familiar to those who played the first game and some not. For those who don't know the new Ratchet and Clank game will be a game based on the movie, which is based on the game series.

Paris Game Week Sony Conference (38)

Hermen Hult is up to show off Horizon Zero Dawn. We get to see gameplay of the main character traveling through the world. The first sight we see is a couple of large machines. In this gameplay it is up to Avoe to trap and harvest the canisters off the back of the machines. She does this by first setting up a series of explosive tripwires and then leading the herde into it. When the bombs go off though there seems to be a serious frame drop. She then makes quick use of the remaining herd to then loot their corpses. A theater mode is shown so that at any point in the game you can pause the action and get an arial view of the scenery. Hult talks about how the machine has been made and how by breaking off certain weapons they can be used against the machine.

Bloodborn: The Old Hunters trailer is next. A new environment is shown off with new monsters, new weapons and new gear. This expansion will be available on the 24th of November.

Driveclub gets shown off next with not only cars but also motorcycles. This new addition will be Driveclub Bikes. Michael Denny is back again to talk about how Driveclub Bikes will be an expansion and also a stand alone. This will be available to download immediately after the press conference.

Gravity Rush 2 will have a whole lot of new features including a new combat system. You will be able to swap between three different gravity styles as you play. They will be Lunar gravity which makes you lighter and increase your movement speed, Jupiter gravity which makes you heavier and more powerful and then of course there is regular gravity. This dynamic weight also changes the way that the environment will be damaged as you play. With boss fights and AI tag team battles the way you play will be very different from the first game.

Christoph Bellestra the co-president of Naughty Dog is up next to talk about Uncharted 4. Today he will be showing off Uncharted 4 multiplayer. March 18th, 2016 will be the release date for Uncharted 4 and there will also be a multiplayer beta December 4th-13th. A multiplayer trailer was then shown detailing some of the competitive gameplay. You will be able to call in AI assistance in the form of a sniper, a medic or someone to just charge in and do some damage. Other items will allow you to summon mystical turrets and boost your own stats such as speed.

Media Molecules new game Dreams is up next and Alex Evans comes to the stage to show how the game will work. He states at the start that this footage is still alpha so he's just hoping it wont break. You will be represented in the game as your imp, a small fuzzy almost pikmin looking creature. The imp can interact and move objects in the world, this can also be used to throw items. Imps can also posses items, characters and vehicles. Using the imp he then places a lot of trees into the world. You will not only be able to use premade assets but also brand new assets you can create for yourself. Doors in the game act as portals so you can enter a small house and end up in a castle.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of WWS, is up next to talk about PlayStation VR. RIGS: Mechanized Robot League is the first of the VR titles to be shown off. This is a FPS where players will control a mech to play a futuristic sport game. In RIGS your aim seems to be to land your robot in the center basket of the map. A new PlayStation VR title that has been announced is will be Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This is a new experience build from the ground up for PlayStation VR that will be a roller coaster game. Some third party studios are also developing for VR, this includes Crytek.

Cevat Yerli from Crytek approaches to talk about their VR title called Robinson: The Journey. The trailer starts in a forest where a floating robot and dinosaurs begin. The robot says that you're going to play a game of not getting squashed. He then helps you navigate through the dinosaurs legs until a T-Rex shows up and a new game begins, not dying. Battlezone is also shown, a VR tank game that uses TRON style graphics. Games aside PlayStation VR will also have other uses such as the The Walk VR Experience. Over 200 developers are currently working with the PlayStation VR and we get to see a trailer showing off some of the games that are being developed in it. Tekken 7 will also be coming to PlayStation VR, but no word on how.

Polyphony Digital will be bringing Gran Turismo Sport to the PlayStation 4. There will be 7 to 77 man races and you will be representing your country as you race down the track. The creator of the franchise Kazunori takes to the stage to talk about what Grand Turismo is going to be like on PlayStation 4. It will be more realistic and the best driving sim to date. They want to include a new change to the way that people play these games by running two FIA-GT championships throughout the year. In one championship you will represent your country and in the other you'll represent your facorite car manufacturer. The series champions of these races will earn a trophy just as a real racer would. GT Sport will be available in beta form early next year. GT Sport will also be getting PlayStation VR support.

Michel Ancel comes up to talk to us all about their new game Wild, a PlayStation exclusive. This gameplay trailer shows a wounded woman who has been bitten by a snake and it's your job as the shaman to communicate with the snake deity to heal her. Using a trance like state you are able to take over animals like eagles and rabbits and use their biological advantages to aid you in your quest. You can use the animals not just for seeing and transport but also as distractions to help you on your journey.

Lastly a representative from Quantic Dream talks to us about a short video that they released about Kara the android. Due to the support the video had garnered they decided to create a game that asks the question "What does it mean to be human?" For Kara, the android we will be able to lean more of the androids story in Detroit: Become human. The trailer for Detroit focuses on Detroit as a city and what is has become. We hear Kara talking about who she is and how she was made. She also describes what she feels as she sees the androids working around the city and how she is one of them but also is her own person.

What do you think of the titles and info PlayStation shared today? What game are you most excited for? What games do you wish they brought up?

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