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Paris Games Week PlayStation Live 2017: Oure

Gaming article by Don Parsons on Monday, October 30, 2017 - 12:58

Today in the preshow to the Sony PlayStation Event at Paris Games Week Sony took the time to announce Oure, a game where you explore as a child who can turn into a sort of Chinese dragon.

With the powers of the ancient dragons, the child was sent from the surface to the land above the skies. Once there, the child must use abilities in both Human and Dragon form to get magical power, solve mysteries, and find the "titans" who have the ability to revive the dying Earth as they have stopped their duties for some reason. There are eight different Titans, each with different challenges and Oure features over a hundred different puzzles to solve.


Oure aims to also tell an emotional journey and is a title that appears to be somewhat comparable to games like Journey or Abzu, although with a more puzzle bent overall. Matt Birch, the director of the project had the following to say about what they were aiming for with Oure:

"Oure is a game formed from a very personal vision. It's not a game for everyone, but we hope that it will find a place in some people's hearts."
Oure released today on PlayStation 4 for 19.99 and will be releasing later this month on PC.

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