Paris Games Week 2017 Results

Gaming article by Matthew Fetrow on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 08:15

Paris Games Week 2017 hosted the European finals for the Tekken World Tour, and not only was it the last event for the region, it was the last event before the World Finals, period. This means that participants were hungrier than ever to score those valuable TWT points and to take one of the mere five Europe qualification spots. With just over 100 entrants, the tournament could bare some surprises.

Streaming was handled by the official Tekken channel on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name]” format, with their used characters in brackets. If you'd like to view the event's brackets on your own, you can do so here, on

Tekken 7

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. CKT | Blackbeard [Josie]
  • 2. CGG | Tissuemon [Master Raven]
  • 3. HG | Mitrust-Storm [Nina, Xiaoyu]
  • 4. DG | KaneAndTrench [Yoshimitsu]
  • 5. TDG | Fergus [Asuka]
  • 5. Asterion | Malekith [Asuka]
  • 7. Sephiblack [Miguel, Jin]
  • 7. Arkham | Caiper [Feng, Claudio, Shaheen]
  • 9. Crazy | Super Akouma [Akuma]
  • 9. DougFromParis [Steve]
  • 9. Jopelix [Leo, Feng]
  • 9. CRG | Fireblade [Jin]
  • 13. Asim [Bob]
  • 13. Nexus | MeFirst [Lucky Chloe]
  • 13. Doo San [Feng]
  • 13. HG | DanielMado [Jin]
Blackbeard was able to take home the big win after an alarming first set loss during grand finals that had viewers confident in Tissuemon controlling all the momentum. However, luckily for the two of them, both players have racked up enough TWT points to secure their spots in the World Finals, representing Europe. Joining them on team EU are Super Akouma, KaneAndTrench, and Fergus, who all did very well in the regional finals, too.

Some fun facts regarding our European representatives: they'll be bringing the only Josie, Yoshimitsu, Asuka, and Master Raven players to the World Final (Blackbeard, KaneAndTrench, Fergus, and Tissuemon, respectively).

Quick Take

Some people feel like Europe is probably the weakest link out of the three regions (Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific), but that is yet to really be seen due to lack of cross-continental overlap with the other regions in tournaments, but kudos to them for not having any Jack-7s among their qualified players.

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