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Publisher Paradox Interactive has teased an update to the Obsidian RPG Tyranny.

On the official Tyranny twitter, we saw a new image of what appears to be a volcano with lava pouring down its sides. The tweet says nothing at all except the image, but the image itself, in the top right corner, has the day of June 13th listed, which is the first day of the official e3 conference.

Speculation, of course, has run rampant that Tyranny is going to gain a long-awaited DLC to the story, which famously ended abruptly when the title was released back in November of last year.

Tyranny is an isometric RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which focuses on the role of a Fatebinder that was part of the evil overlord Kyros' army. The game follows from the perspective of the bad guys, and the inherent politics and power plays that question the nature of morality when you are evil. Previously, it had been revealed that Obsidian was working on an expansion or DLC for Tyranny when they had to provide information for their Pillars of Eternity 2 security filing regarding their FIG campaign.

The game itself received a fairly positive reception, including our own review of the title, but the game was not a major success. Paradox Interactive felt the game did ok, but Obsidian noted that Tyranny didn't meet their sales expectations.

Quick Take

I did enjoy Tyranny, but I predicted that the game was going to be a major cult classic because of its themes and overall presentation. The fact that it ended abruptly in the subsequent playthroughs I had of it was always a major sticking point, as the game is just long enough to be enticing, but not long enough to be fully engaging. 

Whatever Paradox and Obsidian are teasing here for Tyranny though is ok in my book. I personally hope it is some DLC or expansion pack to the game; more content in the world, especially due to where it leaves you at the end of the main plot-line, will certainly help fatten out the experience and maybe convince others to give the game a try. We shall see what comes out on June 13th.

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