Paradox Announce New Studio With Rod Humble As Lead


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Paradox Announce New Studio With Rod Humble As Lead

March 8, 2019

By: William Worrall


Paradox Interactive has expanded their collection of game development studios by founding Paradox Tectonic, a division to be headed by Rod Humble. Humble is famous for his involvement in various major game companies. This includes EA, where he headed up The Sims franchise and Linden Labs, the owners and creators of Second Life. The company is to be based in the heart of Berkeley California.

The creation of this new studio brings the total number of Paradox's in-house developers up to 6. Tectonic joins the likes of Paradox Development Studio in Stockholm, Paradox Arctic in Umeå, Sweden and Harebrained Schemes in Seattle.  The choice of this new location is to allow Paradox to gain a foothold in triple-A development. Ebba Ljungerud, CEO of Paradox said:

“Opening a studio in the California Bay Area puts us in the heart of one of the largest gaming and tech communities in the world. Rod Humble and his team bring a wealth of experience and a studio leader who has led work on games that have shaped the industry several times over. We hope to have some earth-shaking news to share from the Tectonic team soon.”
Paradox Tectonic will be leading the creation of a brand new game and IP. Further details about that project will come at some point in the future. As well as working on huge triple-A titles Rod Humble also has a following from developing his own art games. He had made it clear that the new studio will have a focus on games which are beautiful, respect the player's intelligence and foster creativity, freedom, and sharing.

Are you a fan of Paradox Interactive or Rob Humble? Are you excited to see what Paradox Tectonic brings to video games in the near future? Join in the conversation in the comments below. 

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