Paper Beasts Takes You To Another World

Published: December 11, 2019 9:00 AM /


Paper Beasts

There's a certain joy in exploring weird worlds in VR. Paper Beasts is hoping to offer exactly that when it launches next year.

Showing off a gameplay trailer during Sony's State of Play, Paper Beasts has you exploring an alien world full of creatures made of, well... paper. We get to see some of the weird creatures you'll be spending time interacting with. The highlight is paper deer-like creatures that are constantly assaulted by rainbow paper wolf-like creatures. You can help the deer out by dragging them away from the wolves or by tying the wolves up so they can't leave a specific area. You can also run into weird beetles that can get stuck on their back, so make sure you flip those guys over. It'd be rude to leave them that way, after all.

In addition to the weird creatures, you get to see the ways the player can manipulate the environment. The trailer had them rolling up dirt into balls, which they can then redistribute elsewhere. This can be helpful for situations where you need to get to a higher area. One section showed a bunch of the paper deer tripping and sliding on ice. The player responded by pushing dirt onto the ice, so they could climb the cliff face. Eventually, they came across a tree that, when grown, had fruit. When the deer at the fruit it turned into balloons and they floated away. Is that the goal of the game? It remains to be seen, but exploring the weird world seems like it will be the highlight.

Paper Beasts will be launching on PlayStation VR in Q1 2020. There's currently no word on if it will be coming to other platforms.

How do you feel about Paper Beasts? Think it's a weird world worth exploring? Going to pass on the game? Just need a VR headset? Let us know in the comments below!

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