Paladins Adds New Hero Lex In Open Beta 46

Published: March 26, 2017 1:00 PM /


Paladins Lex Preview

Hi Rez's free-to-play first person shooter Paladins has added a new hero by the name of Lex in Open Beta 46 according to a news post on the game's Steam Community page. A video released alongside the patch announcement goes over the new character and his abilities:

Lex (Latin for "The Law") is a character that dual wields pistols. He mainly focuses on single-target damage dealing, but he has the capability to do some damage to multiple targets as well. His primary attack alternates fire between his two magnums every 0.7 seconds for 700 damage per shot. His right-click automatically aims at the closest enemy or deployable and deals 1,050 damage over 1.5 seconds. Lex's Q ability is Retribution, a special marker that appears above a random enemy. Retribution targets will grant bonus credits when killed and you're able to see them through walls; pressing Q will re-roll the Retribution target to another random enemy. His F ability is Combat Slide, a simple low slide forward during which he can still fire as usual. Finally, Lex's Ultimate ability is "The Law" - he fires at all targets within a cone in front of him. Any targets at or below 65% health will be killed, and any targets above 65% health will take 600 damage and be slowed for one second.

Lex has 19 cards for his release. Most of them are the standard expected fare of character cards; for example, the "The Hunted" card increases life steal by 10-40%. Overall, they seem to be focused on increasing Lex's movement speed and generally keeping him as a mobile damage-dealing machine. As for his Legendary cards, "Heroism" increases his attack speed by 25% for 2 seconds after using Combat Slide, "Discovery" reveals his Retribution target to the entire team, and "Death Hastens" increases his weapon shot damage by 40% for targets above 65% health. The latter card synergizes nicely with his ultimate ability which can instakill enemies below 65% health.

As with all patch releases, a number of bug fixes, changes, and additions have come along as well. Fernando has a new FN-01 Helios skin that has a distinct Gundam-esque theming to it, and Lex has three distinct cosmetic sets to choose from. Click through to the patch notes to read up on all of the balance changes in Paladins Open Beta 46!

What do you think of Lex as a character? How do you feel the development of Paladins has been progressing lately? What do you hope to see added to the game next? Let us know in the comments below!

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