Overwatch's Uprising Event Extended To May 2

Published: May 2, 2017 9:30 AM /


Overwatch Mercy Uprising Resurrection

The Uprising PVE event in Overwatch has been extended and will now conclude at 5:00 PM Pacific Time on May 2, 2017 according to a forum post from Community Manager Lylirra.

Uprising is the latest event in Overwatch where players go back in time to Tracer's first mission with the international peacekeeping force. A team of four agents travels to King's Row in order to defeat Null Sector, an Omnic Extremist group that has taken over the neighborhood and a local power station. As always, special loot boxes containing new cosmetics were released to coincide with the event.

The event was billed as ending on May 1, but it seems to have ended prematurely. While Blizzard clearly states when an event will begin, they haven't always posted a clear end time for their events. The Junkenstein's Revenge Halloween event ended an hour early last year, upsetting some players who had been holding onto currency until the last moment so as not to get any duplicate items in loot boxes.

Uprising was re-enabled last evening so players could earn or purchase loot boxes, and both versions of the PvE game mode were re-enabled a short time afterward. Players will have until 5:00 PM Pacific Time to play the game modes in the Arcade, earn Uprising Loot Boxes through normal gameplay, or purchase them.

The next scheduled event for Overwatch will be the Summer Games (which began on August 2, 2016, last year) and are expected to return this year. What, if anything, will happen in the meantime is up in the air, but the sleuths over at /r/Overwatch have discovered that unlisted videos have been uploaded to multiple official YouTube channels so we may be seeing something new coming our way soon. The speculation about the next event is being fueled in part by the fact that the game's one year anniversary - May 24th - is rapidly approaching.

Quick Take

Nice of Blizzard to extend the event a bit, but this isn't the first time this has happened. Blizzard really needs to be crystal clear about the exact time an event is supposed to end. They obviously have some kind of time frame planned on their end and yet for some strange reason they don't do a good job of putting this information front and center for the community. Yes, they tell you the day it ends, but that can be any moment during a 24 hour period, and for a game whose players span the world that's not very nice.

Will you be taking advantage of the extended time to play the Uprising event in Overwatch or are you a bit burned out on the whole thing? Did you manage to get all of the cosmetics you had wanted? What did you think of the event overall? Let us know in the comments below!

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