Overwatch's Newest Map is a Beautiful Middle-Eastern Oasis

Published: January 4, 2017 11:37 AM /


Overwatch Oasis Map

With the winter celebrations in Overwatch drawing to a close, Blizzard Entertainment almost immediately released the next bit of new content to keep the players busy in the form of a new control map. This map, called 'Oasis', first say the light of day at last year's Blizzcon and is now officially released to live servers as part of a free update.


Oasis is one of the world's most advanced cities, a shining jewel rising from the Arabian Desert. Researchers and academics from around the region came together to found a city dedicated to scientific progress without restraints—a monument to human ingenuity and invention. The city and its inhabitants are governed by the Ministries, a collection of brilliant minds who possess many secrets that have attracted the interest of powerful organizations from around the world.
As you can see in the trailer above, Oasis is a beautifully atmospheric Middle-Eastern bazaar and features some design elements we've not seen in previous maps released for Overwatch. The thing that jumps out (forgive the pun) immediately are the inclusion of jump pads in some places of the map. These pads launch you way up in the air so you can rain even more justice from above as more heroes than just Pharah. This can lead to hilarious situations such as this one (which I'd love to see someone try with Torbjörn's turret):


The map also features a stretch of road with fast-driving cars that can (and will) hit you if you're not careful enough. Can't wait to see one of the cars get the Play of the Game. You can try out the new map for yourself by navigating to the Arcade portion in the game's main menu. A playlist for just this map has been added to the Arcade temporarily.

What do you think of the new map? Let us know in the comment section down below! If you managed to get a good Play of the Game on the new map you're more than welcome to share it here!

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