Overwatch PTR Update - Ana Nerfed and Other Changes

Published: March 7, 2017 11:00 PM /


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The latest Overwatch PTR update has just dropped, and there are some pretty heavy nerfs coming to everyone's favorite sniper grandma Ana. The update also brings some tweaks for new hero Orisa, and buffs for Junkrat, Sombra, Winston, and Zenyatta.

Ana got the worst of it in this latest update. Ana's Biotic Rifle has had its damage decreased from 80 per shot to 60 per shot. Her Biotic Grenade has had its impact damage reduced from 60 to 30 and the impact healing was decreased to 50 from 100. This set of nerfs to Ana is definitely going to affect her viability in the game. Having her Biotic Grenade effectiveness cut in half is a big hit for her, especially since at higher levels of competitive play she is basically a required part of a teams composition. This could be the reason why these changes are being looked at so that there is more variety in team composition.

Orisa, the new hero still only available on the PTR, received a few tweaks as well. Her magazine size was lowered from 200 to 150, and her Supercharger ultimate has had its cost increased by 15%, meaning it will take roughly 15% longer to gain her ultimate in a game. These tweaks seem to be looking at tempering her combat effectiveness a bit since Blizzard have previously stated they want to make Orisa fill the same type of role as Reinhardt.

Junkrat got a little buff in the form of his own explosions no longer doing damage to himself. Winston's Barrier Projector cooldown now starts when he places the barrier, rather than when the barrier is destroyed. Zenyatta got a small buff to his recovery from the alternate fire of his Orb of Destruction, and he can now target enemies through barriers. Sombra got a solid buff for her Translocator, having its cooldown decreased from six seconds to four seconds, and the sound effects for her entering and leaving Stealth have been decreased to 15 meters (although it should be like five meters).

The PTR update is now live for you to check out and give feedback on.

What are your thoughts on Blizzard nerfing the heck out of Ana? What changes would you want for Orisa? What other changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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