Overwatch Nintendo Skins start with Genji Link skin

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Overwatch Nintendo skins are coming

After rumors of Link coming to Overwatch spread about after other appearances in some Switch ports, Blizzard and Nintendo revealed today that they won't be bringing the Hero of Hyrule to Overwatch as a new character. Instead, the Japanese Ninja will be dressing up in a green tunic, as will his brother Hanzo as part of a series of Overwatch nintendo skins. 

Genji as Link
One fan artist's guess of how Genji will look

The reveal that the Japanese characters will be getting skins based on the Hero of Hyrule led to many other guesses for the possible event. Most obviously was Winston getting a Donkey Kong Skin but the following table shows what the best guesses are:

Overwatch Nintendo 
Genji Link
Hanzo Link
Winston Donkey Kong
DVA Inkling
Tracer Samus
Sombra Shiek
Baptiste Mario

This is uncomfirmed at this time but we have reached out to Blizzard and Nintendo about whether any of these are true. We will update this in the future as we learn more about Overwatch Nintendo skins.

Quick Take

If the rumors are right about who will be getting which skins, we'll be seeing some crazy costumes with the Overwatch Nintendo skins. I'm not too big on the Genji/Link skin there - I feel it lacks enough cybernetics but it is competent over all. I'm much more interested in Baptiste as Mario, as him trying to speak with an Italian accent should be funny and is a nice nod to Mario's crouch jump. 

I figure the most controversial ones are going to be Tracer playing as Samus there and also DVA cosplaying as an inkling though both make sense. Tracer is the type to idealize a strong heroine like Samus and DVA being a professional gamer may very well have been a Splatoon player. Actually that does ask - is this finally the long awaited reveal of what game DVA played before becoming a mech fighter?

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