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Overwatch May Be Headed To The Silver Screen

Published: November 11, 2017 2:15 PM



Overwatch could be an upcoming candidate for a film as reported by MCV.

Tim Kilpin, head of Activision Blizzard's Consumer Products Group, spoke to MCV and expressed that he would like to see the game's world represented in movie theaters someday. Call of Duty is already undergoing a movie adaptation (with expectations for an entire cinematic universe), and Activision Blizzard has already brought one of their franchises to the big screen with 2016's Warcraft.


Aside from the game's animated shorts, Overwatch itself had a short stint on the silver screen with its Theatrical Trailer. It builds up the world and shows us some things we haven't yet seen anywhere else like a giant Omnic going head-to-head against D.Va. (Goodness knows that would make a hell of a PvE experienced if the development team could pull something like that off.)



I'd main DPS Mercy for a week if I could get my hands on that kind of flight time with Pharah.

Activision Blizzard seems to have a long-term view of their various franchise properties, and Overwatch is one of the names on that list. Mr. Kilpin used to handle franchise management for Disney, and while the movies themselves made gangbusters, a whole lot of cash came in with all of the merchandise tie-ins and adaptations of the core property.

There's certainly a wealth of content to work with in the Overwatch universe. A fan-made lore compendium as well as the Gamepedia and Wikia pages feature oodles of backstory from various sources that just don't come up in the games. This is also just the stuff we've seen on the outside - Blizzard surely has a ton more detail sitting in a secure document somewhere in Irvine. If Activision Blizzard elects to move forward with an Overwatch movie they're sure to be well-prepared.


What do you think of the possibility of an Overwatch movie? What did you think of Blizzard's take on the Warcraft universe for the theatrical adaptation? Let us know in the comments below!

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