Overwatch Lunar New Year 2019 Skins Revealed By Official Korean YouTube

Published: January 23, 2019 8:19 AM /


overwatch lunar new year 2018 skins - orisa

Three Overwatch Lunar New Year 2019 skins have been revealed by the game's official Korean channel. While a number of skins have been slowly revealed via tweets on the game's official account, there were still a few that were somewhat of a mystery. These three skins have rounded out what we've seen so far, making for a total of eight likely Legendaries.

You can see the three most recently revealed skins in this Korean Developer Update for Year of the Pig. At the moment, it's in Korean with no English captions as of yet.


The Overwatch Lunar New Year 2019 skins fit nicely to the Lunar New Year theme as always. This year's batch of skins appears to have a particular focus on the classic Chinese tale Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a story where everybody has an epic beard. (Your mileage may vary on whether or not they've managed to make them look good on our heroes.) Here are some basic details on the first five skins revealed:

  • Reaper as Lü Bu, a renowned military general with a penchant for betrayal and taking the phrase "put a feather in your cap" to extremes.
  • Hanzo as Huang Zhong, one of the five Tiger Generals and a man generally thought to be way peppier than he should be in his old age.
  • Reinhardt as Guan Yu, a general so badass that he invented his own weapon called the guan dao. Incidentally, this skin will be using that exact kind of weapon (though upscaled to Reinhardt's size).
  • Torbjörn as Zhang Fei, a general reputed for his loyalty and who was unfortunately assassinated by some of the people he commanded. (Boy, I hope that doesn't foretell any future lore...)
  • Zenyatta as Zhuge Liang, a Chinese polymath from the Three Kingdoms era. He was a politician, military strategist, writer, engineer, and inventor.
As for the three new skins, I'm unfortunately not too familiar with the characters represented by Brigitte and Tracer. Orisa, however, is pretty clearly a traditional Chinese lion. Without further ado, here are the new skins!

[gallery columns="5" size="full" link="file" ids="271315,271314,271313,271311,271312"]

overwatch lunar new year 2019 skins

This may not be the full suite of skins, although the timing of this reveal means that we probably aren't going to be seeing any more for this event. However, we still have to see the highlight intros and animations that will be revealed! We'll be sure to post all of those details when they're revealed at the start of the event.

You'll be able to get your hands on the Overwatch Lunar New Year 2019 skins when the event launches January 24, 2019. Don't forget to save your arcade loot boxes!

What do you think of the newly-revealed Overwatch Lunar New Year 2019 skins? Are you looking forward to this year's event? Let us know in the comments below!

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