Overwatch LEGO Sets Headed to Korea First, Arriving Early 2019

Published: December 14, 2018 4:00 PM /


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The upcoming Overwatch LEGO sets are going to be released in Korea first.

Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter Overwatch recently became part of the exclusive club of properties that got turned into LEGO sets. These Overwatch LEGO sets were first leaked by Target in October of this year. They were officially announced a few days later at the beginning of November.

Now it seems that the Overwatch LEGO sets will be arriving in Korea shortly before people can get them in the West. A tweet from OverwatchNaeri shows a series of advertisements that she translated:


According to the translated advertisements, the Overwatch LEGO sets will be released in Korea on January 1, 2019, and can be purchased first on December 15, 2018. The official LEGO website lists the first wave of sets as "Coming Soon" for January 2, 2019. This means that Korea will be getting them a full day sooner than the West.

Here are the sets and what you can expect to get in them:

  • Bastion (75974) / 602 pieces / $49.99 – A Bastion model that's a little more complex than the Bastion (75987) over at the Blizzard Gear Store for $25.00. This has triple the amount of pieces and provides a better level of detail.
  • Dorado Showdown (75972) / 419 pieces / $29.99 – McCree, Reaper, and Soldier: 76 minifigs battle it out over the Dorado Payload with some nice background scenery to boot.
  • D.Va & Reinhardt (75973) / 455 pieces / $39.99 – Reinhardt's Crusader armor and D.Va's "Tokki" MEKA make up the brunt of this set. Also includes minifigs of both characters.
  • Hanzo vs. Genji (75971) / 197 pieces / $19.99 – This one's based on the Dragons animated short and features Hanzo, Genji, and a small character from the short.
  • Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970) / 129 pieces / $14.99 – Widowmaker and Tracer battle it out with a shuttle vehicle that may be from Watchpoint: Gibraltar.
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975) / 730 pieces / $89.99 – This massive set is based on Winston's home on Earth with the rocket and launchpad from the map. It also has Mercy, Pharah, Reaper, and Winston minifigs.

The wait for these cool LEGO sets is almost over, but Western fans will, unfortunately, be getting them a day later than Korea. The Overwatch LEGO sets should release on January 2, 2019.

What do you think of Korea getting the Overwatch LEGO sets a day earlier? Do you wish they could have arrived in time for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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