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Since the release of Blizzard Entertainment's hero-based shooter Overwatch, the game has been getting a lot of attention from fans and devs alike, with team leader Jeff Kaplan keeping an open com channel with their fans. The team behind Overwatch has been pretty good at listening to their audience and are slowly introducing more quality of life fixes to the live servers.

One of the things coming to the game soonis the ability to share your best plays and highlights with the world without needing to resort to third-party apps and services. This feature was confirmed to be in the works by Kaplan on the official Overwatch forums:

This is a feature we very much want as well. It's a very challenging and large feature from a development standpoint. We've done a lot of the groundwork to help make this happen. We're really hoping to get it in someday, work is being done, but it's not on the immediate horizon.
Currently, players can use an app by Plays.tv that allows players to easily record, edit and share their best moments from the game to their friends and followers. This certainly makes things easier, but native support built into the game is almost always better so it's great to see that the Overwatch team is working on their own solution.

Blizzard is also looking at the game's report system players can use to report particularly toxic players or griefers. This system needs players to be honest in order to work, which isn't always the case when it concerns people on the internet with players reporting underperforming players for griefing or something similar, which buries Blizzard in a mountain of false reports. In another forum post, Kaplan addresses the concerns some players are having in relation to the report system:

It's good to hear discussion around this topic and we're just as concerned about it as you guys are.

Our first step is reviewing our current reporting system. This is well underway and we have some changes to the design that we think will help. Once we can update the reporting design, we are also going to internally review all of our policies, including punishments.

I wish this was moving faster but at least it is making active progress.

Since Overwatch is a deeply competitive game, emotions can sometimes run high when a match doesn't go the way you and your team planned. The current system is way too open to player abuse, although Kaplan and his team are also looking into removing the ability to report other players from players who repeatedly file a frivolous report.

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