The Overwatch Cookbook is Coming This Fall With Meals From Your Favorite Heroes

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Fans have been able to get more Overwatch through books, like behind-the-scenes knowledge and character backstories in collected anthologies. Now they can look forward to another title to add to their bookshelf when Overwatch: The Official Cookbook releases on October 1.

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Promotional image included with the announcement for the cookbook, with a final cover to be released later.


Written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the upcoming Overwatch cookbook will be another pop culture-flavored cookbook in her portfolio. Monroe-Cassel has previously written cookbooks for World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Hearthstone, Game of Thrones, and J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth. She’ll also have cookbooks for Firefly and Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge released this fall.

Monroe-Cassel reunites with Insight Editions for the release of Overwatch: The Official Cookbook. The entertainment-focused publisher previously released her cookbooks on The Elder Scrolls, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft, and will also debut her Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Cookbook.

According to the Insight Editions website, the 216-page Overwatch cookbook will contain a collection of international recipes, each one based on the home of individual characters from Blizzard’s hit game. While there’s a huge burger spread out on the current cover—with a small disclaimer that the final cover will be revealed later—preview images on Amazon and Insight Editions only show examples of recipes for desserts and drinks so far:


Polygon showed additional recipe pages featuring the Orisa Sundae for Efi Oladele and Valkyrie's Flight, a tea for Mercy.

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It looks like each recipe will include a short blurb expanding on the characters and world of Overwatch.

In an interview with App Trigger, Monroe-Cassel said her pop culture-centric cookbooks could be traced back to the Game of Thrones recipe blog she started with her friend Sariann Leher. A message left on George R. R. Martin’s Livejournal account sharing their blog eventually led to a publishing deal. That resulted in A Feast of Ice and Fire, which inspired Insight Editions to approach Monroe-Cassel about a World of Warcraft cookbook. (After co-authoring A Feast of Ice and Fire with Monroe-Cassel, Leher trained as a chef and later opened a restaurant with her husband.)

From there, Monroe-Cassel continues to—as her website suggests—use history as a foundation in the real recipes she creates for cuisine from fantasy worlds.


Do you plan to add Overwatch: The Official Cookbook to your bookshelf? Do you know someone who’d love it as a gift? Do you think the sample recipes shared so far fit the Overwatch characters? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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