Overwatch Continues Doing Well on Twitch

Published: July 3, 2016 9:00 AM /



Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch has been out for about 6 weeks now, and already the team-based first-person shooter has become a staple of online gaming. This news comes from a report on GitHyp, which is a website that tracks the popularity of video games on Steam and Twitch. 

The report mentions that Overwatch has managed to peak the top of the Twitch charts a grand total of 6 times since its release on May 23, and is directly competing with other (and sometimes way more established) games like Counter-StrikeLeague of Legends, DOTA2, and Blizzard Entertainment's own CCG Hearthstone. During the time Overwatch peaked the charts, it managed to accrue a total of 283,019 viewers over the course of an hour. The game's beta managed to attract 1.7 million viewers in a day in October 2015, but the game's launch day has been the most popular by far, however, with the game managing to attract 2.8 million views the day the game officially launched. While the game's views stabilized somewhat after the game's release, Overwatch still managed to attract an average just shy of 50,000 viewers per hour on any given day in the first month of release. Here's a graph:Overwatch Twitch Graph Something that definitely helped to keep the average up is the recent release of Overwatch's competitive mode, which managed to generate a 36% increase in viewership since its release and has upped the viewer count to more than one million viewers in the past 3 days. 

On average, around 53,000 people have been tuning in to watch streamers play Overwatch since the release of the competitive mode. I think it is safe to assume that Blizzard hit the ground running, and has released a product a ton of people are interested in, whether they are playing Overwatch themselves or are going to Twitch to watch other people play it. Looks like Overwatch is here to stay.

Have you been playing Overwatch? How do you feel about the game's future?


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