Overwatch Community Crowdfunds Christmas Cookies for Blizzard

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With all the (sometimes certainly warranted) cynicism towards gaming and developers, a story like this can't help but make you smile. The Overwatch community on Reddit is trying to give back to Blizzard Entertainment in a way that is both funny and in keeping with the Christmas spirit via the medium of crowdfunding.

The /r/Overwatch community (and /u/HiHaterslol specifically) had a great idea to send cookies to the wonderful folks of Blizzard Entertainment.  They have crafted an amazing game experience that has provided us collectively with thousands of hours of entertainment.  Along the way they've been amazingly communicative and provided wonderful and consistent updates.  I think a lot of us agree they deserve a special thank you!!
Currently, the GoFundMe page has already reached its goal of $625 dollar donated by over 100 fans. The creator of the campaign says that he's already been in contact with a local catering company that can deliver the cookies to the Overwatch team as a way of saying thank you for the constant stream of new content and Jeff Kaplan's commitment to having an open com channel with their fans. Campaign creator  Christopher Culley says that the kind of cookie will be decided on by the community in a Reddit thread after the campaign finishes in 7 days.
I have been in contact with a catering company in Irvine but I haven't gotten confirmation on all the details.  I'm basing the fundraising goal on an average $2.50 per cookie - Jeff Kaplan stated a few months back that there were around 100 devs but I'm assuming there are plenty of other office personnel that deserve our thanks as well.  250 cookies sounds like a good number!
Now that the goal has already been met, Culley has posted an update on the GoFundMe page talking about what they should do with all the money the campaign got after the goal was already met.
I'm in a position now where I don't know if I should go ahead and order cookies to get them there before Christmas (and donate the remainder of anything donated to charity?), or wait until the fund expires and deliver them later.  In hindsight I shouldn't have made it a flex goal (in my mind more cookies = better).
Despite the creators misunderstanding, this situation would have happened with a straight goal or flexible funding with it going over.

I'd say donating the excess money to a charity is a really nice gesture. If you want to contribute to the campaign you can go here. Keep an eye on the Overwatch subreddit if you want to be involved in choosing the right kind of cookie!

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