Overwatch Adds Competitive 6v6 Elimination Mode

Published: April 18, 2018 10:40 PM /


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If you wanted to obtain some Competitive Points to get a golden weapon for your favorite Overwatch Hero without having to endure the grueling nature of the standard Competitive playlist, then the new Competitive Elimination playlist may pique your interest. From now until May 8, 0:00 UTC, you can hop onto this new 6v6 playlist (located in the Arcade section) to see if your ability to get kills is up to snuff. Alternatively, you can use this new playlist to brush up on the basic mechanics of Overwatch without the fear of being yelled at for not jumping on the objective. Be warned however that once a team wins a round, whatever Heroes they used to win that round will be unavailable to them for the rest of the match.

The maps featured in Competitive Elimination include Ecopoint: Antarctica, Ayutthaya, Black Forest, Castillo, and Necropolis. Standard SR rules and brackets apply, so if you got placed into Diamond or higher, then you cannot join your friends if they're doing their placement matches and vice versa. End of season Competitive Point rewards are as follows:

  • Bronze- 40
  • Silver- 75
  • Gold- 150
  • Platinum- 300
  • Diamond- 450
  • Master- 750
  • Grandmaster- 1000
Given the nature of the Competitive Elimination playlist and the maps in it, you can also use it to test new team compositions, work on your coordination and communication abilities, and a variety of other skills. Of course, it goes without saying that communicating with random teammates to coordinate Hero lockout rotations is a must, unless you want to risk being forced to play a Hero or role that you would have no experience with otherwise.

On the bright side, the introduction of the Competitive Elimination playlist does make Competitive Points (and thus, golden weapons) less of an exclusive Overwatch item, and thus less of an indication of skill on a specific Hero.

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