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Published: December 7, 2015 2:55 PM /


Overwatch Soldier 76 & D.VA in action

Blizzard has just uploaded a developer update to YouTube where Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan answers common concerns and question from the community, as well as update their fans on the state of the game.

Kaplan detailed several plans for the game post-launch, saying that Blizzard will continue to update the game with new heroes and maps for no additional costs. The team is happy with the 21 heroes they've got so far, and Kaplan says that they feel the game is pretty balanced. There is as of yet no release date for the new heroes that are coming out post-launch, nor can they say for certain how many new heroes there will be. Seems like this will alleviate some of the concerns from the community who were suspecting Blizzard to be planning on using microtransactions used to obtain new heroes in the game. If heroes could only be purchased with real money then some non-paying players would be at a disadvantage due to players being able to change their heroes mid-match.

Amongst the other changes planned for the game is the ability to turn music off and the option to have music playing in the background when you're alt-tabbing out of the game. There are also some changes coming to the game's UI due to players noting that the game wasn't giving them as much clear feedback as they would want. The game will be implementing a kill-feed feature that will allow dead players to observe the ongoing match until they respawn. There is no ETA on this being added to the game at this time. 

The cards system, which allowed people to vote on impressive moves done by other players in their match, will also be getting some additional balancing. The objective score, the score that the game awards you with for taking objectives and kills, is currently exclusive to the attacking team, but they are working on giving the defending teams an objective score as well. The balance issues there for all roles led players to question how the game would reward tanks, supports, and strikers, in addition to teamplay with the cards and objective scores. Whether or not they will implement rewards for high-scoring players is as of yet unclear.

When players are performing well, their player portrait will set itself on fire, which makes you stand out on the scoreboard. At the moment it's pretty hard to know whether the player on fire is on your team or on the enemy's team, so it's hard to see which enemy player is the biggest threat.

Lastly, players will be able to turn the game's kill cam on or off, permanently making sure that your feelings can never be hurt again after a particularly humiliating kill.

Blizzard is planning to do more developer updates on Overwatch soon.

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