Outworlder Demo Lets You Dive Into Creative Mode For Free

Published: January 28, 2020 1:00 PM /


Outworlder demo cover

An Outworlder demo is now available for those of you who are keen on checking out the next generation of 2D sandbox games according to a press release from the developer.

If you haven't heard of Outworlder, well, that's no big surprise. It's still very much in development, although what they have so far is pretty darn cool. Check out this newly-released trailer for 2020 that shows off some of the cool tech and features of the game:

Created by a team that includes developers from StarboundOutworlder seeks to maintain the familiar gameplay of titles like Terraria and Starbound while also evolving the genre. We spoke with Rho "Rhopunzel" Watson late last year about what's coming and it's looking pretty darn good.

Now, the devs have opened up pre-orders for their game — and there's a demo that you can play right now.

How to Get the Outworlder Demo

Here's how you can get the Outworlder Demo:

  1. Head to playoutworlder.com/demo.
  2. Download either the Windows Client or Linux Client.
  3. That's it, you're good to go!
  4. ...unless you want to play multiplayer, then you should probably grab the Windows or Linux Server, too.

The Outworlder demo is restricted to one biome and only features Creative Mode, but it should give you a pretty good idea of the look and feel of the game. It doesn't cost a penny, so why not go ahead and check it out!

Outworlder demo torch

Pre-Order Outworlder and Get Some Neat In-Game Bonuses

Rather than turn to Kickstarter or some other kind of crowdfunding platform, the devs ta Igloosoft are handling pre-orders in-house. Pre-ordering the game can get you one or more rewards which will pay off as development progresses.

Here are the tiers for Outworlder pre-orders:

Bronze Tier ($20)

  • Instant access to Alpha when it's released
  • All future updates
  • Steam Key

Silver Tier ($60)

  • Everything in Bronze Tier
  • Submit an entry to the pool of NPC names that will be used in-game. *

Gold Tier ($150)

  • Everything in the Silver Tier
  • Design a shuttle that can be used to transport players and equipment. *

Platinum Tier

  • Everything in the Gold Tier.
  • Design a ship that will be put into the game! *

Diamond Tier

  • Everything in the Platinium Tier.
  • Name a faction that will appear in the game! *

Buy Devs a Coffee Tier

  • Give the devs $5, no strings attached. You'll still get a thank-you in the credits and a backer title on the forum.

It should be noted that any and all creative decisions will have final approval by the developers. They'll be more than happy to work with you to figure out something new for a name or design if things don't work out on the first go.

Outworlder is shaping up pretty nicely and we'll hopefully be able to play the Alpha soon. You can keep up with the game's development at playoutworlder.com and the game's official Twitter.

What do you think of Outworlder? Do you like the addition of more varied kinds of movement? Let us know in the comments below!


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