Outcasters Stadia Release and More New Games Confirmed in Stadia Connect

Published: July 14, 2020 1:53 PM /


One Hand Clapping and Outcasters Stadia Release cover

Three new games are coming to Google Stadia. An Outcasters Stadia release will be joining One Hand Clapping and Super Bomberman R Online as three of the many games that are making their way to Google's game-streaming platform in the coming weeks and months.

Make sure you check out the July 2020 Stadia Connect if you haven't already!

The Outcasters Stadia Release

The biggest announcement here is undeniably the addition of an Outcasters Stadia release to Google's game-streaming platform. Splash Damage is working with Google on an exclusive title as part of a partnership, and Outcasters looks cute as heck.

The best way to get a feel for this upcoming game is to check out the Outcasters Stadia Release Announce Trailer — go ahead and give it a watch!

As you can see, Outcasters is all about taking control of adorable vinyl characters with customizable looks. Players head into a top-down arena to blow each other to bits with style and flair. UP to 8 players can compete with one another on a bunch of different maps with a variety of game modes.

"We think we’re building something that’s fun, unique[,] and takes advantage of Stadia’s best features," said Splash Damage's CEO and Co-Founder Richard Jolly in an interview. "It’s something a little different from us, but it still has all the hallmarks of what makes a Splash Damage game great!"

This cool announcement of an exclusive Stadia title is all we'll be getting from Splash Damage for now — you can look forward to more details about the Outcasters Stadia release later in the year.

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The One Hand Clapping Stadia Release

The other new addition is something that was lightly hinted at with an ESRB rating roughly three weeks agoOne Hand Clapping is coming to Stadia. This brand new game from Bad Dream Games and HandyGames will give players an interesting new way to tackle the classic platformer: you'll have to sing!

Check out the One Hand Clapping trailer to get a feel for this game!

One Hand Clapping is a 2D platformer with a twist — you'll have to sing into your microphone and use the power of your voice to change the world. It shares some similar themes with Devolver Digital's GRIS, but this game might run the very real risk of you going off-key.

There's no news on a specific release date just yet, but you won't have to use Stadia to play this game — Outcasters will also be launching on Steam.

Outcasters Stadia Release Super Bomberman R online slice

The Super Bomberman R Online Stadia Release

Outcasters isn't the only super-fun multiplayer game coming to Stadia — a new version of Super Bomberman R is coming to Google Stadia, too!

Have a gander at the Super Bomberman R Online Stadia Announcement Trailer to see all of the cool new features coming to the platform in action!

One of the coolest features is an "online survival battle" game mode featuring up to 64 players. There will be four players per level split across multiple levels, and everyone is competing with each other for the top position! Yep, that's right — this is basically a Bomberman Battle Royale.

Super Bomberman R Online will also have Stadia Crowd Play integration. Someone streaming the game on YouTube can set up a button that anyone with the game can press. Press the button and you'll be queued to join the streamer automatically with minimal hassle.

As with many recent Bomberman games, you'll also be able to customize your character and bombs to suit your style. You'll be able to play Super Bomberman R Online on Stadia sometime in Fall 2020.

And that's it for the new games in the July 2020 Stadia Connect! There's tons of cool new stuff to play right now and even more to come. If you'd like to buy a Stadia for yourself, you can grab one at the Google Store.

Are you looking forward to the Outcasters Stadia release? What do you think of One Hand Clapping and Super Bomberman R Online? Let us know in the comments below!

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