Original Xbox One Now Being Sold at $279 with Free Controller from Microsoft

Published: June 21, 2016 9:21 PM



Just in case you missed the announcement from Major Nelson earlier this week, all the "original" Xbox Ones are now being sold at a discount from Microsoft Store and other participating major retailers (think Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, etc.). The 1TB models are now priced at $299 ($100 discount), while the 500GB bundles are priced at $279 ($70 discount). Gone are the old MSRP of $399 for 1TB and $349 for 500GB. This, of course, is unsurprising given the Xbox One S is less than 1.5 months away from release. Interestingly, as of writing only the Xbox One S 2TB Launch Bundle has a set release date of early August, the other two cheaper bundles are to follow suite at a "later date."


To move the old units even faster, Microsoft is now throwing in extra bonuses on top of the discount. For a limited time, you will now get an extra FREE Xbox One wireless controller, plus a freebie Ubisoft game from a choice of 5 when you buy any of the Xbox One listed below from Microsoft Store. This is perfect for those who just don't feel like springing another sixty bucks so the occasional friend or two can join in on the gaming festivities. As a bonus incentive goes, this free Xbox One controller is as practical and valuable as it gets to get your Summer co-op gaming going.

Beyond the Microsoft Store, other retailers are also discounting the Xbox Ones as mentioned, but only Dell is matching the free controller offer (which is now unfortunately sold out). At Best Buy, they are simply discounting the bundles without any additional freebies thrown in. Noteworthy at Best Buy being the Halo 5 Guardian Xbox One Bundle, which is now also sold out online.


"Original" Xbox One Bundles with Free Controller

If you're looking to buy an 8th generation console this Summer, the Xbox One has its best deals going on this weekend since Black Friday 2015. This week the Microsoft Store has Xbox One bundles up to $100 off plus a free controller and a free Ubisoft game of your choice (list of 5).

One stand out bundle this deal applies to is the recently released Spring 1TB Bundle. This bundle has the most games included of any console bundle on the market right now with Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Rare Replay (which is 30 games in 1). The price drop to $299 also makes it cheapest ever by $30.


Buy or Wait for the Xbox One S?

While these are some of the best Xbox One deals we've seen yet (in fact, they are arguably the best since release) - the hardware are rightly discounted given newer, improved version is right on the horizon. Should you pick up these original Xbox One bundle deals or hold out for the Xbox One S?

Beyond the obvious price factor, we think there are some key decision-making points:

  1. Do you care about a slimmer Xbox One S?
  2. Do you want a 4K video output?
  3. Do you want the latest hardware in lieu of a bunch of games?
  4. Do you want the latest hardware instead of an extra controller?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, waiting for the Xbox One S seems like the best idea. If you answer no to most of them - you can juggle the facts and make a decision on what you care about most (for example, if you want Kinect, you'll need to spring for an adapter as the Xbox One S won't have a dedicated Kinect port). Besides the obvious slimmer and nicer looking design, no major hardware performance beyond smoother HDR was mentioned for the updated units - but we think it's possible that the machine will at the very least run a lot cooler.

Both consoles will be able to play the same game, and if you're not looking to be moving your Xbox One around anytime soon (e.g. tuck away in a media console) - then you should probably take advantage of the current promotion to pick up an extra controller, cheaper price point, plus a bunch of games - but if however you can't stand the fact that you're using older tech while newer model is right about to be released - waiting is definitely the best bet.


What's interesting is that we're seeing a lot of people buying the deals above now that they've found out Xbox One Scorpio is over a year away - and that the Xbox One S isn't bringing anything major to the table. So while it may seem like Microsoft is cannibalizing sales on each of the units by segmenting things further - we think each models serve a good price point for different type of gamers - especially the price conscious types such as ourselves :)

Disclaimer: This deal post is from the crew at Dealzon. Sales at select retailers will help support TechRaport. Our goal is to list noteworthy game and tech deals from across the web.

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