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Order's Up -- BurgerTime Party! Plates October Release Date

September 13, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson


XSEED and Marvelous announced that the long-awaited return of the arcade classic BurgerTime Party! is hitting via the Switch on October 8th. Marvelous subsidiary G-Mode is developing the title after the latter bought the rights from original developer Data East in 2003. The Nintendo exclusive will launch at 19.99 USD digitally, or via "select retailers" and XSEED's store physically for 29.99 USD. There does not appear to be any additional features in the physical edition. New features for the Switch version include local multiplayer for up to four players, either co-operatively or competitively, as well as a score attack mode. You'll be able to dish out the arcade American fare on October 8th, exclusively on Switch.

Featuring hapless chef Peter Pepper in over 100 stages, BurgerTime Party! harkens back to an age where arcade games were ubiquitous, and also slightly surreal. Chef Pepper must walk over giant burgers to assemble sandwiches, all while avoiding man-eating food items. Your foes can be stunned either with powers found in the levels or by falling burger ingredients. The updated version adds in new enemies and stage hazards too, meaning even if you're a fan of the original, there's bound to be something new to find in BurgerTime Party.

Make no mistake, this is no Overcooked! knockoff, but rather a true arcade single-screen puzzle-platformer. The original 1982 BurgerTime spawned many sequels and knockoffs, the most recent of which was BurgerTime World Tour. The move to 3D in World Tour appears to have failed spectacularly, as it was critically panned and later removed from sale. Instead, G-Mode looked to the original and well-reviewed home computer versions for inspiration in both animation and gameplay styles. The end result is a well-animated visual treat if the early trailers are anything to go by. We'll get to see just how well the update of BurgerTime holds up when BurgerTime Party! releases on October 8th.

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