Operencia: the Stolen Sun Leaves Steam for Xbox, Epic Games Store Exclusivity

Published: January 30, 2019 2:20 PM /



Upcoming RPG Operencia: The Stolen Sun will now be exclusive to the Epic Games Store and Xbox One, developer Zen Studios announced today.

First announced back in December as part of the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, Operencia: the Stolen Sun is a first-person RPG reminiscent of many old-school dungeon crawlers. The game was initially slated to launch on Steam in 2019, with players already able to play the closed beta on Steam. Now it is heading exclusively to the Epic Games Store and Xbox One. In their blog post announcing the deal, Zen Studios wrote,

Everyone here at Zen was at the edge of our seats watching Operencia debut to the world at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase in December, and all of us were glad that the reception was very positive from the RPG community. Since then we have put even more work into the game, and did a Closed Beta event to make Operencia even better by incorporating ideas provided by the testers. This dedication to quality caught the eye of our friends at Microsoft and Epic, which quickly led to mutual cooperation that will help us elevate Operencia in a way we would not be able to by ourselves. We really believe the game deserves this, and this is a fantastic opportunity to share the vision of the team with a lot of players.