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Ubisoft has revealed the content that will be coming in the third season of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 DLC. The new season is titled Operation Ember Rise and it will be adding one more Attacker and Defender to the ever-expanding roster of operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Another part of the new season is that the Kanal map has been reworked to improve traversal across the entirety of the map.

The two new operators are Goyo the Defender from Mexico and Amaru the Attacker from Peru. The main ability for Amaru is the Garra Hook which allows her to access any high position faster than any other operator in the game as well as perform her Garra Kick that will instantly take out an enemy who might be on the other side of that window. Goyo's ability is the Volcán Shield which is a deployable shield that has an incendiary bomb attached to it that when destroyed will explode leaving a field of fire to prevent enemies from moving forward or killing them outright.


The rework of the Kanal map for the third season was meant to make rotating around the map easier and allow for a new pathway between the eastern and western buildings. New staircases have been added to the map to increase verticality as well as some rooms being expanded to increase the playable area. Also, the bomb sites have been changed, the Kitchen site was moved to the Security Room and the Radio Room site was moved to the newly expanded Lounge Room.

Lastly, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a Battle Pass in this latest season. Things will start with a Mini Battle Pass called "Call Me Harry" that will be the first phase of Rainbow Six Siege's Battle Pass strategy. "Call Me Harry" will be free and will focus on Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey the Director of Rainbow. Earning Battle Points will let players unlock different tiers will unique rewards leading up to a Harry Chibi charm with completion of the pass. Season 4 will feature the first full Battle Pass that will include a free and premium track.

How do you feel about the new operators and their abilities? What do you think about the introduction of Battle Passes into Rainbow Six Siege?

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