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Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy System Details Revealed

Published: April 10, 2017 4:01 PM



New information for NIS America’s upcoming Dungeon Crawler RPG Operation Battle: New Tokyo Legacy has been revealed on the official website. New details include information about the concept, battle system and strengthening mechanics for the latest entry in the New Tokyo Legacy series. The game will be coming to the US and EU in May for PlayStation Vita and Windows PC.



In Operation Battle: New Tokyo Legacy players assume the role of an average student at Hinowa Academy. Tokyo is being terrorized by Rampaging Variants and a special force called the Xth Squad have been formed in response to the threat. You have been chosen to join the Xth Squad and it’s up to you to protect innocent civilians and help make Tokyo safe.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy
Unity Skills


The dungeon crawler will have three different battle systems to utilize. Unity skills are one such system that allows teams to unleash special skills when they cooperate. Skills include three different types, Brave, Magic and Academy, that can be timed for maximum effect.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy
XTND Spells/Skills


Another battle system is XTND skills or spells. A new feature to Operation Babel it enables players to increase the power of their spells or skills with special items. By using special items team members can use the granted ability regardless of their blood type. Lastly is the Rise & Drop System which will give players the ability to anticipate when danger is nearby as the labyrinth gets more and more challenging.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy
Rise & Drop System

Strengthening mechanics included in the game are healing, curing, leveling up and fortifying items. A medical lab will be available for players to heal and cure their team between battles. Engaging in battles will earn EXP that can be used to level up blood codes, which means unlocking new skills and spells. To strengthen your weapons and other materials you’ll be able to identify certain items that can become codes, which can then be used to create stronger items.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will be available for PS Vita and PC on May 16, 2017 in the US and May 19, 2017 in the EU. The game is available to pre-order now with a limited edition available for Vita. You can visit the Steam page for the game here.

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