The Old Republic Celebrates May 4th with Free Astromech Droid

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Star Wars: The Old Republic, like everything else Star Wars related, is celebrating the unofficial Star Wars holiday of May 4th with a special little treat for players.

From now until May 6th, any player who logs into The Old Republic will be gaining their own special astromech droid, the M4-Y8 pictured above. This mini pet, like other pets, is just a cool little follower to have around you or to keep your stronghold nice and populated. Players who login will get their astromech droid by May 10th.

In addition to the free droid, players will also see discounts on a slew of items in the games Cartel Market, the in-game shop for the free to play title. This includes 50% off on all appearance options,  designer changes, and collection unlocks, 40% off all available stronghold decorations, and 35% off all available in-game mounts. The sale will continue until May 6th as well, so players with cartel coins saved up may want to consider purchasing something good for themselves.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been going steady for over seven years, with the last expansion being Knights of the Eternal Throne in 2016. Recently, at the Star Wars Celebration event in April, BioWare announced a brand new expansion, free for all subscribers, titled Onslaught. Onslaught will add two new planets to explore, Onderon and Mek-Sha, a new Operation set in Dxun, a Flashpoint mission on Corellia, and a new type of gear slot, titled Tactical items, which will all players to directly alter their abilities and playstyle.

Onslaught is scheduled for a September 2019 release.

The MMO, which has been free to play since 2012, has become one of the most popular online titles in the world, with an estimated 1 million players monthly in the game at one time in 2014.

For other Star Wars related things, you could check out the games newly added to Origin Access. Alternatively, you could pick up some games on sale in the franchise, including a re-release of the original Star Wars Battlefront on GOG. Finally, if you want to just smack around with lightsabers, For Honor has a special event honoring the franchise by replacing all the weapons with lightsaber based designed.

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